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What is Redemption?
Redemption is not a simple remake of Ultima IX Ascension, it's a complete new Ultima IX. The goal of Redemption is to release a classic end to the trilogy of trilogies that most fans never saw in Ultima IX Ascension. It's a labour of love from long time true veterans of the series that *will* satisfy. We build upon the best design decisions from classic Ultimas to create a game that incorporates all what made the series so great. But we don't stop there, we enhance the design to create a never before seen living, breathing world. The Ultima 6 slogan "If you can touch it, you can use it!" was never before as true as it is in Redemption. A lot of effort was put in the story too of course. If you want to know more about features of the game look at the feature list.

Can I play Redemption although I never played an Ultima before?
Although one of the strenghts of Redemption is that long time fans will feel much more at home than in Ascension also Ultima beginners will be able to enjoy Redemption. Yes, if you know Ultima you will have even more fun since we tie up loose ends, but even if you have no idea what's going on in the Ultima universe you will get a lot of fun out of Redemption. Reading the timeline will be enough to be ready for our game.

Is Redemption a stand-alone game?
No, since we are a group of fans and no game company with unlimited funds we build Redemption as a Modification for the game Morrowind.

Is this game the same as Morrowind just with a different story?
Hell no! We only use the engine. The visuals exceed those of Morrowind by far and we use the power of the engine to its fullest extend (to make sure our game doesn't look 5 years old when it's released). Just take a look at our screenshots to see what I mean. The whole game design is very different from the Morrowind design. We don't go the easy path. Redemption will be a unique game which will be a true Ultima and no Elder Scrolls title. That every NPC is really unique is just one of the many differences between Redemption and Morrowind.

What do I need to play Redemption?
You need Morrowind and both add-ons (Tribunal and Bloodmoon) to be able to play Redemption. We need the new scripting functions of the add-ons, that's why Morrowind alone is not enough. You can get the "Game of the Year" edition of Morrowind, which includes both add-ons, for only about $ 20,- . If you can't find it in your local game store buy it at Amazon for example.

Since we upgraded the visuals a lot we highly recommend a PC with at least 1 GB RAM, a graphics card which has the power of a Radeon 9800 or above and a CPU above 2 GHZ to be able to fully enjoy the beauty of Britannia.

But don't worry, Redemption will also run on older machines; a performance script will let you decide how detailed you want your world.

 How much will Redemption cost?
Nothing! Well only the time you need to download it.

When will Redemption be released?
Since we all have other jobs too and don't only work on the game like a "real" game studio, we can't exactly plan a release date yet. But we make a lot of progress constantly and I am quite sure that we will finish Redemption some time 2006.

Will the world be the same as in Ascension?
As I wrote above: We have a completely new storyline - Redemption will be a completely new game and not just a remake. Although it also plays in Britannia we based the world much more on the Britannia of Ultima 6 and 7 than on Ascension. To understand what happened between Ultima 8 and Redemption read the timeline - starting with 364 A.B. There you also will get infos about world changes.

What if I want to know more about this project?
Then don�t hesitate and go to our Forum
 to post your questions! :)

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