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Features of
Ultima IX: Redemption

(will be updated from time to time - new features marked italic)

- immersive original story (NO Ascension remake)
- NPCs have their schedules (go home at night or in a tavern,
  go fishing, etc�)
- NPCs are no dull nobodies but have their own story with their
  individual needs
- master intelligent quests where you have to use all your skills
  (not only fighting)
- possibility to kill big monsters with brain instead of a weapon
  (traps, poison,�)
- Quests that are implemented seamless in the story so you might
  not even notice that you are doing a quest
- several ways to solve a problem
- you don�t have to master the dangers alone: the party is back!
  (up to 3)
- Party members react according to what you do
- travel around in Britannia with your moonstone
- forge your own weapons and armor
- Buy ships and sail freely in the world or build yourself a small
  boat if you have the skill to do it.
- buy a house in a place you like
- build furniture for your home or just to sell it
- you have to eat, drink and sleep
- you can build your own tent with a fireplace wherever you
  want - there you can also cook animals you hunted
- ride and breed horses
- ride a dragon
- you can cook many different meals
- 4 different magic systems
- new skill system (not the Morrowind one)
- the magic carpet is back (if you can find it)
- pray at shrines


Features that you want to have in the game are missing here in this list? Or do you have questions concerning planned features?
Then don�t hesitate and go to our Forum to post what you want to have in the game! Only this way there is a chance that we might include it.

Corv - Leader of Titans of Ether

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Redemption is a fan-built mod for the MorrowindTM game.
 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was developed by Bethesda Softworks�, a ZeniMax MediaTM company.
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