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Enilno FAQ

What is Enilno?
Enilno is a project with the goal of recreating Ultima 2 with a reviewed and enlarged plot.

Why Ultima 2?
There are several reasons for that, first because Ultima 2 doesn't have a remake; because we like Ultima and also because Ultima 2 deserves a better treatment, some people actually don't consider it a true Ultima.

Earlier you mentioned that Enilno will have a "reviewed and enlarged plot". What exactly does that mean?
It means that this project departs a bit from the original concept of Ultima 2. Ultima 2 took place on Earth. More specifically in several time zones of Earth and in outer space. Enilno however is based on two major guidelines:
- recreating Sosaria during the time of Minax; this is a great challenge. People know how Sosaria looked like in Ultima 1. People know how Sosaria looks like in Ultima 3. But there is no information on how Sosaria looked like bettween Ultima 1 and Ultima 3. Enilno will attempt to create a believable layout that bridges Ultima 1 and Ultima 3.
- political background; Enilno will focus on what happened after Mondain's death, what kind of people ruled Sosaria at the time.

In short, the team will attempt to give a picture of what Sosaria might have been like during the Second Age of Darkness.

Since we are focussing in Sosaria alone this automatically puts out most of the original plot. That means NO EARTH and NO SPACE section.

But isn�t there a way to recreate the original story?
In theory there is. Problem is that Ultima 2 was supposed to take place in the whole area of planet Earth and in alien planets as well. The team would have a major problem in it's hands. For instance: What size would Earth have? This was not a problem in 1982 but now the team would risk creating a useless big world or a very minor world. Another problem is that the original Ultima 2 was combat oriented. You HAD to fight creatures to capture all the needed artefacts. Finally the team would have to build a space ship simulator and integrate it on a RPG game. There are currently games that support vehicles but they still don�t offer the same kind of freedom the player had in Ultima 2.
This game is not intended to be a replacement for Ultima 2. Ultima 2 is a classic and we believe it's best enjoyed the way it was originally made. Enilno is a fan attempt to show an alternative Ultima 2 that fits the Ultima Lore as it was established later by Richard Garriot.
We took the original plot in great consideration and we tried to make use of all the bits and pieces possible. In fact, Earth IS in the plot but it's not present in the way it was in the original.

Does the team have a timetable?
Currently Enilno is on hold. According to Corv Enilno will be made only after Ultima X : The New King. In either case Enilno will not be done before Redemption is released. Keep checking the Titans of Ether page for further updates on Enilno.

Which engine will Enilno use?
Enilno will most likely be a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivionis like Ultima X - The New King.

What are the system specs for the engine?
System specs should be similar to the specs of Oblivion. But given the nature of mods it is a good policy to always consider those specs below minimum.

How can I get in touch with the team or ask questions about Enilno?
You can post in the New King/Enilno forum on the board. The team will try to answer your questions as best as they can.

Will the plot be changed now that there is a new team?
No one is working on Enilno at the moment. Sage is busy writting for Redemption and the main plot has been closed since 2004. Sage feels the plot is good enough to be accepted by the new team and believes it will not be changed. The details of side quests still have to be done tough.

Will there be Moongates?
No. Somewhere around the end of plot development, the team realised that Moongates posed a very dangerous threat. Moongates were therefore removed.

What happened to the former team?
The former Enilno Team was disbanded. The reasons of the disband will not be made public.

For how long had the project been abandoned?
Maybe 1 month if that much.

What will happend to the Dr-Code project?
The engine project will continue. Keep checking Dr-Code for further updates.

Why did Sage bring Enilno into The Titans of Ether?
First of all Sage commited himself to deliver Enilno. Since the former team had disbanded he asked The Titans of Ether if they could take Enilno in their lineup.
Looking more in detail Enilno fits very well since it aims at creating an alternative view for an Ultima game very much in the same way Redemption does.

Is "Enilno" "Online" spelled backwards?
Yes, the word "Enilno" is "Online" spelled backwards,
But the word was used in the original Ultima 2. It was a special weapon required to beat the game. It was due to the significance of this weapon that "Enilno" was picked for the title.
The team strongly believes that "Enilno" refers to the original publisher of Ultima 2. Ultima 2 was published by Sierra Online in 1982 (the game was later re-published by another company). The fact that Origin used backward spelling or look alike names in later Ultimas and the large amount of "weird" messages in the game lead us to the conclusion that "Enilno" is probably some inside joke.

How will the game be distributed?
Enilno will be freeware and downloadable from this webpage when done.


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