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October 4th, 2006

The last few months were full of trouble for the Titans, well at least for our homepage/board.

After changing the provider I now also changed the forum software. Spambots registered faster than we could delete them despite constant updates and other security measures. Although I am a fan of the idea of open source products it seems to be the big dissadvantage of phpBB. Security holes can be found easily and we can't do much against it.

Anyway, now we use Woltlab's Burning Board! I converted all the posts and users so you won't have to register again just because of this change. Simply log in as before on the new board. All old posts are there too but unfotunately it wasn't possible to convert the private messages. A little price to pay for a more secure board with more comfort for everyone.

I still have the insider list and will build the group soon. So all of you who were in the insider group already will be there again, just give me some time.

Beside the insider group all rights are set and the board is ready. Yes I know, the standard style is ugly, but it wasn't my top priority tomake it pretty right away. A better style will follow soon.

Here is the link to our new board (please update your bookmarks): http://cfkasper.de/ultima/board

Now to the project itself:

Yes the whole trouble with the provider and board did actually influence the project, but not much. We are all working on Redemption and we are making progress.

I will put some new infos online soon.

There are two things we need though: We desperately need a new 3D designer (or better two). It's funny how this part of the production was a problem from the beginning and still is. We just can't seem to find a 3D guy (or gal) who is willing to stick with us.

We also could use a new writer for dialogues.

If you are interested send me a PM. It's very important that you also show me some esamples of your work.

Thanks to you all for staying with us! :)




July 13th, 2006

Finally we have a new, trustworthy provider!

The days where our site was down once a day and our database was deleted every few month are over! Now you can use the board without fear again ;)

Thanks Hawkwind for this great deal!

We didn't have access to the admin page of the old provider for 2 weeks that's why the board is now how it was two weeks ago which means a few people will have to register again and a few posts are gone. Sorry for that inconvenience, but as I wrote before, the days of fear are over. So go and use the forum! Post away ;)



May 18th, 2006

3rd Redemption Contest!

Yes, today starts our new Redemption Contest. You can win nothing less than an exclusive, never before shown, ingame video!

All you have to do is to answer 43 questions about Redemption and the Titans of Ether!

For details please go to our Contest thread on the board (click).

I wish you all good luck!!!


In case you didn't see it yet: Redemption was part of a 4 page article in the latest issue of the Australian PC Powerplay. To read more go here (click)



April 21st, 2006

Here you see a first small screenshot of our (animated) intro. You can find more information about it in the insider section of the board.

We have 2 new members! D-Soldier (who is working on the intro) and the 3D modeller Oriphier.

As you know Chlorthos created some great tunes for Redemption, but he didn't have the best hard- and software. Now Michikawa is working on remixes of those tunes with better equipment. You can listen to one of those remixes by downloading the Serpent's Hold remix. There is also a new tune by Michikawa in the media section (called Village Meeting)!



April 6th, 2006

You will find 12 new screenshots of the Valorian Isles in the media section and I also updated the team and the status pages.

We are still looking for a 3D modeler (see news from March 23rd)!



March 23rd, 2006

The Titans need YOU!

You are an experienced 3D Studio Max (4 or 5) user? You know how to texture your models? You strive for perfection in what you do, but still you are able to work fast and goal-oriented? You are a team player?

Then you might be the one we are looking for! Yes the Titans of Ether need a new 3D designer! One who is willing to work on everything from simple rocks to complex structures. You would work closely with our coding section who needs your work in order to create new fully functional game features.

Please apply by sending me a PM on the board or by sending me a mail

Thank you!



January 27th, 2006

Now you can read Direhaggis' dev diary on the board!



January 20th, 2006

I uploaded another screenshot of Kristy, this time she is in the industrial town of Minoc (see timeline). There are also 2 new pictures of Margareta in the gypsy camp. All 3 new screenshots are marked with "new" in our media section (Characters).

The team roster is up to date again.



January 17th, 2006

Read Zini's diary in the Developer Diary section of our forum!

Here a little excerpt:

"...I had never worked with the Morrowind scripting language before (or with any other game scripting language) and it felt like rubbing my brain on a cheese grater. A few more hours later I had a terrible headache and the strong desire to do something horrible painful to the person, who was responsible for the creation of the TES-CS and this scripting language..."

I share your pain Zini :)

other news:

- We have a Ultima news section in our forum where you can find up to date Ultima related news from now on.

- UltimaDot experienced Val is our new forum moderator and news poster. Welcome Val! :)

- Infinity Eternal is online again and so it was added to our links (right side)

- Our forum is for everyone who loves games, not only Ultima. So feel free to post in our new games section ...



January 15th, 2006

There are 7 new screenshots of Kristy (read about her in the timeline) in the media section (Characters). In fact they are the first ingame NPC screenshots. You won't only see Kristy in the shots but also new landscape you didn't see before, like the area between Cove and Minoc and also the mine entrance in Minoc!



January 09th, 2006

Happy New Year!

In our Developers Diary Section (Forum) you can find the first of a series of team diaries. It's short stories about the work of each team member from their own point of view. The first one was written by Michikawa (musician). Enjoy!



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