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Monday - December 20th, 2004

Christmas is near! And as a small pre-Christmas present for all Ultima fans I give you 2 new screenshots (small lake and forest entrance) which you can find in the Media section (Cape of Heroes) and a new wandering music track (also in the Media section - wanderer2)! I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Saturday - December 11th, 2004

You will find the first of a series of stories in our Fiction  section or you can also download it as PDF ! Its called "Saying Goodbye". Write your opinion about it in the Forum.

Also remeber that you only have 3 more weeks to send in your quest for the competition!

Btw: You can read a Gamestar article about Redemption in the Forum (with translation).

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Sunday - December 5th, 2004

The new master is done! Now we are all working on the "2nd edition" of the Redemption master. Its full of new objects to make the world look even better. Thanks to all the people who made 3D objects for us during the last weeks! Features which were scripted without the master like horse riding, the music system and a part of the NPC schedule will also be implemented now. Fans and insiders of the Morrowind Mod Community will be happy to hear that the horse riding runs a bit smoother than in any other mod so far. I will release new screenshots before Christmas.

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Sunday - October 24th, 2004


Now you have the chance to contribute to Redemption and to add some of your own ideas to the game! We will add a whole fan-made quest!

Here is how it works: Everyone who wants can send a quest. It has to be a complete script of how it should work, not only some collected ideas. Write down everything that should happen from the beginning to the end. If it requires conversation with a NPC write down all dialogues. If items are required describe them or draw them and send them with the script as a jpg. The quest has to work outside of the main story and should not involve main characters of the Ultima world. You can make up completely new characters if necessary. You can send in quests till December 31st 2004. We then will decide which quest is the best one. This quest will be implemented in Redemption and the winner will be mentioned in the credits. You also dont have to worry that you maybe write something that will interfere with our story/quests. We will alter the winning quest if necessary.

So dont hesitate and write down what you always wanted to have in an Ultima and CLICK HERE  to send it!

Spread the news!

Oh and last but not least a small new 'work in progress' screenshot from the Cape Of Heroes: NEW SCREENSHOT

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Monday - October 11th, 2004

Due to provider-server problems our site was down for some some hours.

We have made tons of new material (objects, textures) for worldbuilding now. Soon we will combine the plugins to a new master again and continue to build the world with all the new material we have. I am looking forward to show you new screens then, but you have to be patient.

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Tuesday - October 5th, 2004

We are making progress really fast! The 3 things we concentrate most on at the moment is worldbuilding, 3D design and scripting the features. We are constantly working on every other aspect of the game too of course, but the story and quests will be implemented after the landscape is ready. Maybe I can add some new features to the list soon. I am also happy to tell you that we have two new team members: Elinda is making 3D models and Overlord187 will write dialogues. He already was in the old Redemption team some time ago. Another 3D designer is helping us too and made quite some models for us already: Thann. But he won't be a constant Team member.
You can find the old news in the Archive section.

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Thursday - September 30th, 2004

The Privacy Department of Electronic Arts wrote:

" We appreciate the enthusiasm you have for our products. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant you permission to use this material or any other materials relating to any Electronic Arts product (or products published by our subsidiaries) on your site. This includes our trademarks, logos, game music, screen captures, full motion video, photos, or any other graphic or audio representations of our products."

Of course we will respect this and so we removed all the things mentioned above from our site.

But fans, dont fear that our project will be canceled! Everything else will be continued like before. You find two new screenshots in the media section! 


Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Tuesday - September 28th, 2004

Big Media Section Update: a bit sooner than promised you can find there 8 new New Magincia screenshots and all the music files that were available on the old Redemption site incl. a new longer version of "Character Creation" and a new version of "Stones"! The screenshots are still "work in progress" shots and should only give you a hint of how the game will look like in the end. I hope you like it already :)

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Monday - September 27th, 2004

As all of you, who read the dev diaries, already know I am currently working on the new master file. Adding the new items and designing New Magincia is almost done. At the end of the week I will upload screenshots of New Magincia. This way you get a first impression of how Redemption will look like. I will soon upload some music files too. We are also planning to release some short-stories about Britannia while the Avatar was on Pagan. Those stories will be available online on this site and will be part of the  introduction of the Redemption manual. Dont expect them to be available soon though. Operadragon has just begun to write them. 

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


Thursday - September 23rd, 2004

Finally the new site is up :) Well, I think you know that we formed the new team "Titans of Ether" officialy on September 17th, 2004. The team was born by merging the two teams of "Ultima The New King" and "Ultima IX Redemption". Together we will concentrate work now on Redemption first and then make The New King. Here you will see the most important news regularly. For constant info please visit our Forum and look at the developers diaries! There we will also answer all your questions concerning the two projects!

The whole Team is very motivated (and very talented). We will make the two best Ultimas ever, nothing less is our goal! If you think you can help us then don't hesitate to post your suggestions on the board! If you think you can help by working on the project directly, either as 3D designer, artist, scripter, programmer or worldbuilder then send a mail !

I want to thank all the fans of both projects for supporting us! Your interest boosts our motivation!

Corv, Leader of Titans of Ether


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