August 12th 2004:


The basic landcape is almost done. New Ultima 3D models are being made  at the moment. We dont want our game to look like Morrowind. It should feel and look like Ultima, not only because of the story. Taddeus still works on the dynamic music system and Nymeria sorts out clothes and armor we need and changes them to fit into Ultima. The main story is still in development.

You can look at a new screenshot form an intro model in the download section.

Oh and please note that Taddeus and Nymeria have finished their awesome Necessities of Morrowind 2.0 Mod! You can discuss it too in our forum!


August 5th 2004:


The intro is being made at the moment. I am working on the basic landscape and Taddeus works on the dynamic music system we want to have. The whole Team is sharing thoughts and collecting ideas. Because I still need to finish the Ultimate Ranger Mod 2 and Taddeus and Nymeria are finishing Necessities of Morrowind 2 we are not yet completely concentrated on our big new baby, but this will change soon. Dont worry, its all going faster than planned till now :)

Please dont forget to register on our forum (link on the left side).

Here a small screeny from the early (!!) version of the intro:



August 3rd 2004:


A long dream of mine has come true! You could say I grew up with Ultima and for me the Ultimas are the best RPGs ever, if not the best games in general ever. I can remember sitting in front of the computer for over 10 hours in a row on some days playing Ultima 7.  It was more than a game, it was something really special. If you played Ultima 7 once you will never forget it. The atmosphere, the story, the world,... Strangely enough there was no single RPG after it that came close to it, that tried to copy its features. Not even Ultima 8 and 9. Yes games like Morrowind and Gothic are close to what Ultima once was, but still they donít manage to reach its level. Some may disagree, but thats my opinion.

Now that I have a lot of experience with modding I felt that the time is right to make a new Ultima. An Ultima that is worth the name. I am aware of what made the games as brilliant as they still are and I can assure you all that I will do my best to capture the magic again. Not by simply copying the old features but by holding on to the spirit of Ultima while trying to improve the features. I know this is a target thatís not easy to reach, but only if you seek for perfection you will get a result that you are maybe happy with :)

Of course I could never make such a huge project alone. I looked for Team members I could trust and that are really talented and luckily my friend Taddeus and his girlfriend Nymeria, two of the best modders ever will help me. This combined with a very talented 3D modeller and a few other helpers builds a team thatís really able to produce something awesome. But I am still looking for members, so if you think you are really good in landscape building in the Morrowind CS, if youíre a musician or a 3D modeller then let me know. Visit the forum (link on the left) and send me (Corv) a PM.

Because I want an Ultima that satisfies as many Ultima fans as possible, please donít hesitate to register on my forum and tell me what you want to have in the game and what not. Tell me your thoughts! I appreciate every idea!

ULTIMA - The new King is a NEW Ultima - its NO remake. You could see it as Ultima X. But I didnít want the X in the name because of EA's Ultima X Odyssey, the online game. Maybe I will write down the basic beginning of the story. I donít want to spoil too much...