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Titans of Ether » ULTIMA » Ultima Fan Projects » 2021-09-05 - Exult, Lazarus news » Hello Guest [Login|Register]
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Message: | composed: 06-09-2021 06:11 Go to the top of this page Zum Ende der Seite springen
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Just getting the ball rolling while I recover from a second week of being sick, this week with a cold.

Anyway, onto some recent news:

The Ultima V: Lazarus site was updated with news of their completed French edition. Here's the English half of it:

"The French version of Ultima V: Lazarus is at last complete! Before the public launch, though, we'd like to have a few volunteer testers to stress-test it and make sure everything's working great before we release it to the world. If you speak French and you're willing and able to help us out by playing the game, please head on over HERE and sign up!"

The Exult team last updated their website with the following news:

"10 April 2006
Over the last several months, we've been working in two main areas:

* Improving our support for game details such as NPC schedules and combat. For this, we have to thank our users who have pointed out so many features that we've missed.
* Support for mods:
o We now allow more than 1024 shapes, so original art can be added.
o There is support for multiple maps (so you can make huge worlds).
o Our map-editor, ExultStudio, and the script compiler, UCC, have had numerous bug fixes and improvements for easier use.
* ...and, we have the two extensive mods, Marzo's "Serpent Isle Fixes" and the "Black Gate Keyring"."

Ralph Dragon
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Titans of Ether » ULTIMA » Ultima Fan Projects » 2021-09-05 - Exult, Lazarus news
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