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-Direhaggis- -Direhaggis- is a male

Titan of Ether
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###**Job Postings**###

Writer (1): one of the dungeon writers hasn't been heard from in about 3 months. That is my new criterion for handing over their assignment to someone else. I want someone to write 3-5 NPC's for 2-3 dungeons, one of which has a very specific overall quest.


Team members not listed are working on the same assignments as May 2010 --

Lord Alamar: Back in the day, I requested a minotaur for one of the shrine quests. Alamar was able to find a pretty good one that can be of use. He also finished 75% of current equipment model integration (which sounds about as much fun as mainlining printer ink but what do I know). He was interrupted when he became the latest inductee into the Hard Drive Crash Society. But he's still moving forward with a trusty backup.

Hyena of Doom: Finished all of Skara Brae, which was the first area I ever wrote. I want to take up a few sentences and express how damned impressed I am with Hyena's productivity. We had, on occasion, wondered how long interior worldbuilding would take. He's made sizable areas manageable, and for that he has our respect and thanks. He'll be moving on to tackle the behemoth, Britain, after finishing some stuff in Paws.

Zini: Worked on levels 1-3 of Destard, as well as stuff related to the oversized denizens of it. Also did monster scripts and implementation of tutorials and other things.

Direhaggis: I finished more tutorials, and edited some of said tutorials to finish. I've had more difficulty writing these than the first 5 1/2 years of doing ~300,000 words of dialogue and narration for the main narrative. Speaking of which, I'm going through the main game and patching up holes or cutting out mildly interesting loose threads.

Spyder: Finished different ore vein models for each dungeon interior set. He also created some sounds for scripted and general purposes, as animal model work. Firmly sat a texture problem in the corner, shook a large finger at it, and was able to make it behave.

Corv : More behind-the-scenes and coordination stuff.

If I missed something, y'all know the drill. I am exhausted and only care for three things right now: finishing Season 4 of 'Lost', drinking water, and working on Destard-ly things.

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Double Ace
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Progress continues thus the good news just keeps coming and coming. Yet again, well done everybody and I'm sorry, DH to learn that your date didn't go as well as hoped. One has to think about the sacrifices you are all making for "the project". I am pretty confident that it is going to knock every other Ultima remake to date into a "cocked hat"


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Leekain125 Leekain125 is a male

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Just wanted to drop a comment and express how excited I am about your project. I randomly came across this site several months ago and have been watching for monthly updates, patiently awaiting the day your hard work becomes another Ultima to enjoy.

Keep up the great work!

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Hi! First, wanted to say thanks for the update. I've never posted before, but I've been following the project for a while. Glad to see it's still moving forward!

Regarding your interest in a writer -- I had sent a sample in before using the email in this thread (A Writer's Offer.) but never got a reply. Did I send to the wrong place, or was it simply not up to par?

(I don't mind if it's not what you're looking for or not good enough, but if you're actively looking for a writer I want to make sure I didn't just send to the wrong address or something. Smile

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