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The Traveller

Triple Ace
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Jimmy Malone: Hello there, team and fans of Ultima IX: Redemption. I have a few questions and I would like to know what YOU, the public, think as to what the possible answers are:
- When I was in Eodon, was I dreaming or did I actually see what the avatar told me was a wisp, near the T-Rex that guarded the urali tribe entrance?
- Were Triolo, Shamuru and Dokray the companions that I eventually knew (yes, one of my journalistic superpowers is getting the info in the end, but this time, I chose to keep it a secret so the DUDE you all know wouldn´t go murderous about me revealing anything) accompanied the Avatar in Britannia, or were they just interdimensional fans of those people, that chose to live a life in light clothing?

I´m getting home sick...
- The Traveller -

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