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Someone by the name of Chad Cottle made a Morrowind mod with the first level of the Abyss from Underworld 1? I've been playing it a little bit, and he has interesting methods for the runic magic. You collect all the rune stones of given spell, and said spell is added to your spell list.

It looks like he even used the textures from UW in the abyss, instead of the Morrowind textures.

I bring this up, in hopes that others know of this work, and maybe might know if there's been any updates since his beta, or any other UW/UW2 mods for Morrowind for while I wait for this?

Oh...and on a personal note, I'm a daddy now! Have been since April. Big Grin

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Titans of Ether » ULTIMA » Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 » Did everyone know?
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