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Titans of Ether » OTHER ULTIMA FAN PROJECTS » Forgotten World » Forgotten World Demo Released (Dec. 2, 2009) » Hello Guest [Login|Register]
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A big thank you to WTFDragon from Aiera for hosting the demo.

The download link can be found here:

* Unzip the Demo into a folder of your choice
* Install the VB6 Runtime Files
* Start Launcher.exe
* Define your UIX Install Dir (the Launcher makes a suggestion by reading the registry)
* Restart the Launcher once, now it's ready for use

Using the launcher:
* Select the Map
* Select your starting point (I recommend Yew, it's the most finished part)
* For the "Disable Fog" Mode you need a savegame
* Try out different settings for view distance and quality, especially when in "Disable Fog" Mode
* Start the game

How you enjoy the demo and please post any comments you have.

PS for those using WINE, Dominus came up with solution to get the program to work:

is the correct download to install and make it run. On Wine I noticed that I needed comdlg32 to make the launcher work. Extracting the cmdlg32.cab from the above download, extracting then cmdlg32.ocx from the cab and executing “regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx” mad it work.

Add to it the same work for mscomctl.cab and its mscomctl.ocx (both ocx need to go into the Windows/system32 folder)

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Titans of Ether » OTHER ULTIMA FAN PROJECTS » Forgotten World » Forgotten World Demo Released (Dec. 2, 2009)
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