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Well, I am making a general inquiry amongst the broader community about a particular game crash error (probably relating to the dreaded corrupt save game) and a second solution I found online:

Well, basically I was in Moonglow, I saved, quit and came back to find the save corrupted. The crash error (using 1.19f) is the map has crashed at a certain location and message gives xyz coordinates.

Well, I forgot how to get rid of the default game start, so I look online and actually found a second solution to this U9-old problem. Namely, instead of having to delete start.dat, just set Poofflames=0 in the options.ini file. The text in the file says "Are particle-system flames allowed?"

This seems to have worked. I was able to start the game where I left off. This is a very interesting solution I must say and I have had this error several times in the past. It may mean that the particle system either has a conflict in some ways with my graphics card/software/etc. or that the particle system has errors that will cause random corruptions for save files.

My main question for the community, though, is has anybody ever encountered an error in U9 that gave the location of the crash? Also, please state whether poofflames was set to 1 and what graphics you had when the crash occurred.

Thank you for your participation.

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