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###**Job Postings**###

3D Modeler (1): Spyder is looking for a new 3D modeler. Please PM him if you're interested.


Hyena: ye gods almighty and a bucket of fish! Hyena has been working on a new way of doing interiors for Britain. It takes longer to do an interior than normally, but the effect is really quite splendid. He's done 29 of 91 buildings, but half of the remainder is in the poor quarter. These houses will each be unique, but the size and dimensions of the buildings are identical. It should take a small amount of time--days, not weeks--to finish these. That would get us close to finishing Britain. That would be epic.

Zini: was incredibly busy with (I'm guessing) the open MW project and other things.

Direhaggis: continued to cut out loose ends from the main narrative. There is no greater enjoyment than taking a gigantic ball of interconnecting threads, looking at the Gordian knot, and making it just cease to exist.

Spyder: fixed a problem with exporting reagents and improved on the textures. Made some lovely stove and wall models, and additional things.

LSD: did more scripting work to make reagents appear in time and location specific ways like previous Ultimas.

Lord Alamar: continued working on weapon models and textures. Continued working on developing expertise in 3dsmax 2011 and Blender.

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The good news continues: Thanks for that DH.


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