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I was running through some ideas regarding the plot of Ambrosia, namely the whole Avatar is the false prophet and why all of the gargoyles (mostly winged) are on this whole false prophet thing again.

Based on my recent playthrough of U6P and what I know about U7 gargoyles. I can quickly see why the gargoyles wanted to get away from humans and probably even hate them:

- blind Race Hatred
- the oppression of gargoyles in Vesper and Human society in general as well some gargoyles probably dying by being overworked in the mines near Vesper
- Hostility over losing their land and the deaths of so many during the Ultima VI at the hands of the humans
- it was humans (namely the Avatar) who ultimately lead to the disastrous chain of events leading to the fall of the Gargoyle people to their present state
- (possibly even as a corrupting influence on the wingless gargoyles by giving them ideas (either directly or through humans being seen as equal (or superior) to the winged) that wingless can be just as intelligent as any winged. The wingless are now rebelling in a sense against the winged at this time, so the winged believe that humans have caused the wingless to revolt against their 'benevolent' masters/keepers

Specifically I would think that many of the gargoyles view the Avatar as the False Prophet because it would appear to most gargoyles that their society and even species are falling apart and heading to extinction as a result of the Avatar's actions:

- 'stealing' the Codex
- leading humans to kill gargoyles on multiple occasions
- the instability of their world that eventually collapsed
- 'coercing' their king into a peace where gargoyles live in isolation and oppression
- the corruption of the wingless that came about with coexistence with humans

Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the developers canonical basis behind bringing up the false prophet story when creating the Ambrosia plot line.

So do you agree or do you find holes or errors in these ideas.

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