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Kevinofessex Kevinofessex is a male

Ultima Fan
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Hello all, I have some questions regarding Ultima 8.

I never had played this one in the past, I heard it was horrible but decided to see for myself, so I got the ultima collection CD off ebay recently, and after screwing with DOSBOX for many hours, I finally got it going ( I am not so computer savvy LOL).

Anyway, I have some questions about the game and figured this is the best place for good answers, so here I go....

#1 Is there KARMA in this game, for example if I steal from houses, I get killed by the wizard if I get caught, but if I don't get caughtt stealing, will that affect my KARMA like the other Ultimas??? And if there is KARMA, how do I check it?

#2 Can you make your own weapons at the forge,, and make food / potions too?

#3 Are "wood" and "pile of wood" different things or the same?

#4 Sometimes the text from NPC discussions will be different colors. Sonetimes, the NPC answers will be white, or orange, and green i think, do these different colored texts mean anything???

#5 If I leave items in a "storage spot" like the Teneabrae castle, will they eventually disappear, or will they stay forever?

I will have more questions down the road I'm sure, and THANKS IN ADVANCE to anyone who answers, sorry to bother here, but I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to look at "walkthroughs" and the booklet that came with Ultima Collection has only 2 pages for Ultima 8 and it only really tells about spells and keyboard functions.

Anyway, thanks again, and I hope the U9 redemption is coming along good! Until then.... I play Ultima 8 for now and think that as far as people bashing it goes... I like it so far, although it's really different, there are lots of books in the library in Tenebrae, and the combat is better than U7 I think for real-time combat. I had the old blue "The complete ultima 7" disc years ago when I was a teen that I played through. I prefer turn-based but still like real-time, and this Ultima 8 plays more like an action game, but at least I can control my guy. In U7 I felt like I had no control over the Avatar (or anyone for that matter) in the combat zone.

Always speak your mind, no matter who you may offend.

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JAvatar80 JAvatar80 is a male

Member since: 09-12-2021
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Favourite Ultima: Ultima 6 The False Prophet

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It's been a while, but I'll answer your questions best as I can.

#1) No, there is no Karma in this game. If you're caught stealing, you're dead. But beyond that, there is no downside for theft. The reasoning is a loose "When in Rome" mentality. You are not in Britannia, no one here follows the 8 Virtues, and many people are corrupt, amoral, and just down-right nasty. The Avatar is on a multi-verse wide quest to save, well, everything, so what he does here is justified.

#2) I don't believe you can make weapons, though for one kind of magic later in the game, you make different foci. I can't say one way or the other for sure about potions, but I THINK you can make them.

#3) They're mostly the same, just different sizing and mobility options. If I remember correctly, you can move "Wood" but can not move "pile of wood".

#4) This depends: If you mean NPC 1 is has white text and white answers, while NPC 2 has green text and answers, then no, the colors don't mean anything, beyond defining who is speaking. If you mean NPC Bob said something, and you have white choice, red choice, and green choice, then I think it's the tone. However, if I remember correctly, the first answer is the real answer(color denotes speaker). Again, it's been a while.

#5) I BELIEVE that things you leave, stay. However, let me suggest you not. You won't need multiple pieces of armor or weapons, only keep the best version equiped and drop/sell the rest. Once you raise your Strength to 30, you should be able to carry all your quest items anyways.

I do hope this helps, and appologize for not being able to give concrete answers, but it has been a long while since I played the game last.

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