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Thread: Lizardmen translation guide?

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19-09-2021 19:45 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Hi Direhaggis,

There is Sir Cabirus' site,
Click here

I wouldn't call what the Lizardmen talk another language. It is english, just with different words, like the daedric writing in Oblivion and Morrowind. They understand other humans quite well, but they can't seemingly pronounce our words. There are, although, the gray lizardmen who can speak English perfectly. There was a prisoner of them, Murgo, who understood it, but was mute. He gestured the meaning of any words when asked.

"Tosa sor'click, tosa sorr?"
"Thou stranger, thou enemy?"
Thread: Potions

Replies: 12
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Potions 17-07-2021 01:43 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Are potions (or any other item really) really going to follow that Yellow-Healing; Blue-sleeping, pre-defined use or it is going to involve a more Underworld type of identification/guessing? I was playing Oblivion and I thought it was a major spoiler to identify the assassin cult's name by just looting at the corpses of the assassins and seeing *censured* robe.
Thread: So, what weird Ultima loose-end do you want tied?

Replies: 108
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13-06-2021 23:08 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Eleomosynator was a talorian like any other, not as old as Historian, since it had no protuberances, but since I read that a "Eleomosynator" was the most regarded position in Talorus, he should be something like the president. I thought it was a bit rude, but it could be just its enormous IQ.
I'm currently playing Uw2, by the way.

Oh, and I would love to know if the worlds in Uw2 are just the same planet or are different places around a single planet (except, of course, of Ethereal Void and Talorus). All can fit in the same planet. The lord from Killorn Keep, whose name I don't remember, says that time passes differently on other worlds, this could mean that he travelled to another world in his campaign against Praecor Loth (my buddy), but also can mean that he is from another world (then his closeness to an old Lord British, very similar to U9).
And about all those mysterious times when Pagan was mentioned. "I am the Pagan Lord" backwards in U7, the blackrock serpent guy in Uw2, the druid in U7/2. Was Pagan that powerful and influent?
Thread: Compatiibility

Replies: 4
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Compatibility 10-06-2021 22:23 Forum: Ultima Underworld 1 and 2

I remember a few years ago I was desperately trying to find UW 1 on the net, I thought that when I found one to download (I already had one on a CD I bought), I would also find a way to play it. I found Sir Cabirus' patch, but it still didn't work on my xp, so I resurrected an old pc, and it worked! (although with only the system speaker). Then I spent months trying to locate anything, and I found VDMSound, but it didn't do any good. A bit more of searching, I found VOGONS and there I found a reference to Dosbox 0.61. I got it, my happiness was unmeasurable. I played it back to front. Evil After that I got Arx Fatalis (about 1 year ago) and enjoyed it too.

I still like it so much that I would only play if I'm desperate. Such a good game can't be overused (I have a pretty good memory for spoilers). I even transfered almost all the wealth from the underworld to a little storage room in LV2, along with a lot of pain. I am currently playing Uw2 (2nd time), very good too. Tongue
Thread: Things never noticed in any Ultima

Replies: 3
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Things never noticed in any Ultima 12-05-2021 21:03 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

During my usual blank-staring session when I'm bored, I noticed something weird. There are many developed things in Britannia, but something almost essential was forgotten. Mail service. Never I saw a postbox in any game, and letters are many times just mentioned and appeared only a few times, many were just notes. Wouldn't it be nice if there were something like a postal service in Redemption, or at least, a single mailman that wanders delivering letters? (like in Zelda)
Thread: Could you please put Powder Kegs in Redemption?

Replies: 5
Views: 627
19-01-2022 13:36 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

I was thinking... Perhaps after the Atarkans have taken control, they abolished gunpowder (for the general people). Just perhaps. Or at least, the production halted. Most of it should have been used during the war firing cannons (as related in the timeline, with the cannons in Buccaneer's Den).

Just don't expect that you can blow everything up you want
Aww, I was thinking of going into the underground of Britain and filling with explosives there, so that I could see great fireworks! Just kidding...

I thought a moment ago... Perhaps when you finish the game completely, there would be a possibility to wield a M4 and assault castle Britannia. Man, I must lay off those mushrooms... Smile
Thread: Could you please put Powder Kegs in Redemption?

Replies: 5
Views: 627
Could you please put Powder Kegs in Redemption? 17-01-2022 18:51 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Well, I was playing Morrowind and got sick of picking the doors. Would it be too hard to put an option to explode the doors with powder kegs? The kegs would be nice too, if you carry them, put it innocently on a road and wait for a big monster to come (or lure him there) and explode it with a flaming arrow or such. Perhaps, if it isn't much harder, put an option to make a trail of powder that leads away from the keg and can be ignited.

Also, we could do black powder too. If you mix saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal. The proportions, rounded, are 75% saltpeter, 15% charcoal and 10% sulfur. To get saltpeter, one option is to boil animal dung, take out the water and boil repeatedly until all other salts are removed and only saltpeter remains. Charcoal would be basic, collected from your campfire in the next morning. Sulfur would come from sulphurous ash, the well known reagent.

With powder kegs, perhaps the matchlocks/rifles could come back? To do those "ammunition" of U7, would be necessary to combine a ball of some metal, gunpowder and paper. And so the possibilities go on...

Thanks for your patience.
Thread: U7 Part 1 walkthrough

Replies: 0
Views: 437
U7 Part 1 walkthrough 08-01-2022 23:15 Forum: Ultima 7 part 1 + 2

Well, don't take this like shameless self-promotion, but I wrote a walkthrough of Ultima 7: The Black Gate. It got pretty big, I might add, a lot of effort is in it. English is not my first language, but there ain't no other which I can use for mass appeal. The beggining is rather awkward, but later on I my english course went on I it came out better.

You can check it at Bootstrike. Ganesh was such a nice guy to let me put it in there!

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