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Thread: StartOut Location Speculation
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 8
Views: 179
08-10-2021 14:41 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Ok, the Avatar appears at the site of the Guardian head, which i think would be either on Terfin, or the Isle of the Avatar (these island were known for lava streams, and are far away from prying eyes). But this surely is not where the player starts.

I speculate that maybe you start the game (as in controlling the Avatar) on a island. It would give the player enough time to get used to the game, without:
a)getting thrown too deep into the cold water.
b)getting too soon into trouble, since the Artakan control surely isn't as big as on the mainland.
c)reavealing too much too soon.

It would be perfect for a tutorial, but of course not in that stupid style like in Ascension. It's more like in Ultima VII, where you got used to the game in Trinsic, before the world opened to you.

So my guess is, it could be New Magincia.
Thread: Diary: 2021-09-21 Moonglow development part 1 (Spyder)
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 26
Views: 678
08-10-2021 14:34 Forum: Developers Diary

First let me tell you that it looks really good. When I first saw the pencil sketch, I feared that it would look like the Moonglow houses in Ascension, but the textured model eases my fear. This house looks normal, and nothing like the chlichè-houses we saw in Ascension.

Will there be also pure stone houses, and houses that have better covered roofs (in Ultima VII, hay wasn't that common for a roof)? Oh, and please tell me there is no magical nick-nack. That had really killed off the Moonglow atmosphere in Ascension.

I for my part hope that you can catch the building styles of U VII.
Thread: Keyboard bug
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 3
Views: 273
05-07-2021 23:05 Forum: Utlima 5

Very well known problem.

Deactivate Num Lock before starting the game, this will solve the problem.
Thread: Ultima 8 silver coin
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 1
Views: 274
RE: Ultima 8 silver coin 06-06-2021 19:23 Forum: Ultima 8

Originally posted by Sunigator
What the coin found in the original U8 box should represent? For example in the U6 box was found the moonstone, in U9 the tarot cards, and they are all item that can be found also in the game.

The U8 coin doesn't seem one of the money used in the game, the obsidian coins, because it seems more like a silver coin. For the same reason I don't think it is either the sorcerer's blackrock symbol used for storing the spells. What is it?

I point you to this article: http://u5lazarus.wikia.com/wiki/Pentagram_Coin
It also has a picture of the coin in question.
Thread: Corv - some map questions
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 17
Views: 1,415
26-02-2022 13:24 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Your map looks like a cross between the maps of Ultima VI and Ultima VII. The main continent is shaped like in Ultima VI, but many of the islands are shaped like in Ultima VII, with the Isle of Fire and Ambrosia present.

But two questions:
I.) How comes that Bordermarch, Farthing and Windmere are on the map? Weren't they destroyed after Ultima V?

II.) Where is that big island west of the Valorian Isles that was there in Ultima VII?
Thread: So, what weird Ultima loose-end do you want tied?
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 108
Views: 8,468
13-02-2022 00:05 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Originally posted by -Direhaggis-
The Imbalance Storms have been gradually getting worse over time. Besides displacing people from one world to another, they can simply destroy tracks of land or make people meat salad if they get caught near the eye of one.

I hadn't read anywhere that Batlin was personally responsible for causing the storms. Does anyone have some documentation verifying this?

Remember that the storms didn't start until Batlin started to free the Banes. It was the freeing of the BAnes that started the storms, that actually Batlin IS responsible. With each Bane freed from the special prison, it became worse (of course much worse, went they went on the rampage), until the process was so far, that it didn't matter if the Banes were re-sealed or not.

I only hope my other questions will get adressed.
Thread: So, what weird Ultima loose-end do you want tied?
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 108
Views: 8,468
11-02-2022 14:35 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

I have a whole lot of questions regarding unexplained things and loose ends, hope you can answer there:

1.)What happened to the survivors of the Serpent Isle? The land was in shrambles and flooded with Goblins. Did the survivors went with the Companions to Britannia? (Would be interesting to see a grown-up Cantra)

2.)What happened to Petra? The thing with her past as Elissa was never explained, and I bet she as an automatron would be quite a sight in Britannia.

3.)Can this whole Pagan mess be explained? Wh simply got too few information from Morghim and Ultima VIII, what REALLY happened. Some more information please? This also wents for the Blackrock Order Serpent in Underworld II, and Mors Gotha knowing of Pagan.

4.)Will we be told, WHAT the Guardian's original plans on Seprent Isle were, before Batlin goofed up? We were never told that.

5.)Will you explain the backstory of Mordra coming to Britannia? I always wondered, and Vadion had told anything about that.

Hope that can find an answer.
Thread: Help needed for the "Codex of Editable Wisdom"
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 4
Views: 578
19-01-2022 14:45 Forum: General Ultima Discussion

Some news:

The Codex of Editable Wisdom has expanded greatly since my last massage. We also now have a History section, which tries to look like the ones like in the Book of Lore or the Compendium, complete with illustrations and including both Ultima Underworlds.
Since it is Britannia's history, it leaves out Pagan, and it doesn't include Ascension for obvious reasons.
see it here: http://u5lazarus.wikia.com/wiki/History_of_Britannia
I hope it looks good.

Btw. the whole look of the Wikicity is made a little more like the Book of Lore. F.e. the Wepons and Armour pages, or the Bestiary.

Of course, help is still very much welcome.
Thread: Help needed for the "Codex of Editable Wisdom"
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 4
Views: 578
13-01-2022 19:07 Forum: General Ultima Discussion

Originally posted by Kultan
Brilliant idea, kudos!

I'd love to contribute to this.

Then I welcome you in our project.
Can't wait to see what you will write. Smile
Thread: Help needed for the "Codex of Editable Wisdom"
Tribun Dragon

Replies: 4
Views: 578
Help needed for the "Codex of Editable Wisdom" 13-01-2022 13:35 Forum: General Ultima Discussion

A big project is in the works, and we are looking for participants:

The Ultima Wiki-City, called "The Codex of Editable Wisdom"!

Build on the ruins of the deceased Lazarus Wikicity, we want to build the best information archive for all aspects of the whole series.

As to say it in the words of our Webmaster and founder Red-Cherry Dragon:

As far as I know, there's no great big Ultima wiki that would a) be actually reasonably maintained and b) would actually be edited a lot.

So, my idea was to start one.

I contacted Wikia about this. They recommended to take a look at the Ultima V Lazarus wiki hosted at Wikia, which was pretty much stalled, and start expanding that and turn that into a generic Ultima wiki. So... um... I started doing that. They handed me admin bit and away I went. I feel a bit odd about hijacking a whole wiki, but I guess no one minds if this is done properly. =)

I have this grand vision of something like the Doom wiki (http://doom.wikia.com/); there's tons of interesting facts about the game series that would be extremely fun to catalogue.

At the moment, the project has not really gone much father than me changing the main page and wiki logo, recategorising (or, rather, categorising in first place) the Lazarus material, and bringing in a few Wikipedia articles. So, there's not really all that much trumpeting to be done.

But just for the sake of interest, if there's folks who would like to give me a hand with this, the wiki is here:
We'll move the wiki to "ultima.wikia.com" later when this gets off the ground. =)

Come on board, and us to build this project!
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