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Thread: Update!

Replies: 3
Views: 2,086
01-04-2022 01:34 Forum: News

Thanks for the update - sounds good!

As for the skating women: I suppose they're only wearing skirts? Big Grin
Thread: Ultima VII - Collapsing Britannia

Replies: 7
Views: 851
23-03-2022 13:17 Forum: Ultima 7 part 1 + 2

Originally posted by Kultan

I was gathering items in preparation for an experiment (in the spirit of Fistful). I'll report my findings here when I get around to conducting it. Wink

Maybe you feel like sharing some details about it? Sharing is good Wink
Thread: Armor - what to expect?

Replies: 0
Views: 453
Armor - what to expect? 21-03-2022 10:40 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Now, I'm pretty sure we'll have the classic plate mail, leather armor and chain mail (as well as a nice collection of magical/fantasy armor) - but what about stuff like padded cloth, tunics, and all the not-quite chain, but not-quite plate/cloth? (I've played Mount & Blade recently Tongue )

Do wearing any type of clothing give a (minimal) armor increase? Have you scripted in some awesome "locational" damage system? It would be sweet to walk around in some almighty dragon scale armor, but die from an arrow to the head because you forgot to bring your helmet Evil

Maybe we can get some more screenies featuring armor and clothes?

Keep up the good work!

Edit: Removed the flashy icon Tongue
Thread: site update and new music

Replies: 1
Views: 1,337
20-03-2022 15:22 Forum: News

Maybe update the FAQ page as well? It's said that Redemption might be released in 2006 - with some conviction, might I add Wink

When will Redemption be released?
Since we all have other jobs too and don't only work on the game like a "real" game studio, we can't exactly plan a release date yet. But we make a lot of progress constantly and I am quite sure that we will finish Redemption some time 2006
Thread: Dirty Ultima Limerics! (parental advisory)

Replies: 18
Views: 1,531
23-11-2021 18:25 Forum: General Ultima Discussion

Very nice guys...
Thread: [screenshot 05] horse ranch

Replies: 4
Views: 168
07-11-2021 15:15 Forum: Insider

Can they roll in the dirt too? What about different kinds of saddles (or do we all ride bareback?) - with differences impacting gameplay?
Boots with spurs anyone?
Thread: Any Medieval Total War fans?

Replies: 5
Views: 564
21-10-2021 17:44 Forum: The Blue Boar

I don't consider knights trampling archers into a bloody pulp sexy, but maybe I'm just deviant Wink

But yeah, it definately looks very interesting - guess I'll have to pick it up!
Thread: Which style do you prefer?

Replies: 54
Views: 2,153
07-10-2021 10:29 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

It seems I was too late to see radio and titans

Anyway, ether is nice
Thread: Spam/board problem - new forum software

Replies: 9
Views: 713
27-09-2021 15:24 Forum: Complaints, suggestions, technical questions and info

Good luck with the change!
Thread: explicit content?

Replies: 45
Views: 3,466
11-09-2021 10:31 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Original von -Direhaggis-

Now I'm just gong to periodically wake up screaming at the thought of that. I guess sleep is rather boring, anyway.

That depends on what kind of sleeper you are... and I'm of the sick kind :twisted:

Ontopic: Demons can be red, but should they wear clothes? And what sort of clothes would they wear? If you summon one, would the clothes be summoned too?

Seriously ontopic: Thumbsup for demons and explicit content, but with great power come great responsibility - so don't forget protection magic (for the sleazy ones, that means "protection against evil", not what you had in mind) and stay away when the lynching mob fit for a childmurderer comes to get you.
Thread: [music 01] 2 new tracks

Replies: 19
Views: 368
10-09-2021 00:56 Forum: Insider

I'm usually a bit "sceptical" to these calm tunes, but "awakening" really turned me around!
"Stones", while very nice, differs a bit too much from the original, but I can get used to that Wink

And Traveller, nice tale!
Thread: [screenshot 02] grass

Replies: 11
Views: 298
10-09-2021 00:41 Forum: Insider

Awww.... Reading the comments from the other worshippers, but not being able to see the pictures - it's torture *sob*
Thread: [music 02] Lone Fox Village / Fellowship

Replies: 15
Views: 346
10-09-2021 00:35 Forum: Insider

All hail the Fellowship tune!

I do think there was a doom or two too many, otherwise sufficient for me to remember it :lovestory
Thread: Feature wish list / suggestion list / idea list

Replies: 17
Views: 1,485
03-09-2021 17:16 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

For a second there, I thought you meant you could see the tree losing chunks of wood :shock:
From your post I deduct a piece of wood will appear in your inventory when you chop (attacks with axe?).

I think having a stump appear where the tree was would be the best solution, and in harmony with the rest of the harvesting system (plucking individual pieces of corn from plants, yes?). Making it disappear completely is also ok, as we don't have to try to chop already chopped down trees.

My true favorite "solution" would be to have to drop the tree, chop the fallen log into manageable pieces and get it to the sawmill on a cart or something (yes, I'm an optimistic fellow).

PS: Incase you actually meant the tree will have a "visual transformation", is it that much harder to make it fall as well?
Thread: Feature wish list / suggestion list / idea list

Replies: 17
Views: 1,485
Re: Feature wish list / suggestion list / idea list 30-08-2021 00:14 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Original von Corv

I think if you read past threads and dev diaries you will realize that I am (we are) fans of such things and that we put alot of work in features like that. I can already say that Redemption has more interaction possibilities than any other RPG so far.

This is very promising!

Original von Corv

Gathering: you will be able to harvest things like apples, tomatos, carrots, corn crops etc.. (only Harvest Moon has more of that Wink ). ALso tree choping etc is included (you wont see the tree fall though).

Is the tree going to disappear though? I can imagine going on an epic quest to deforest Britannia to build huge apartment complexes :twisted:
Also, do you have to split the trunk into smaller pieces to transport it to the nearest sawmill or will the trunk just show up in your inventory?

*Braces myself to stand being told to wait and see when Redemption is released*
Thread: Weather effects, freezing and boiling

Replies: 2
Views: 455
22-08-2021 16:41 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Figured my initial suggestions would be a bit too much to swallow - but it's a good thing haveing to take precautions walking about the ice and lava :thumbup
Thread: Weather effects, freezing and boiling

Replies: 2
Views: 455
Weather effects, freezing and boiling 22-08-2021 16:01 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

I have some suggestions on the effects of weather (not visual/audio related). It might be crossing the line where realism goes from good to bad, but nevertheless:
- Walking around outside in heavy rain makes you wet
- Couple that with cold winds, and you might catch a cold (may evolve into a lethal lung disease)
- Wet armour and equipment needs to be dried (a fire spell can be used in a pinch)
- Cloaks and spells can protect you from the elements

I'm not sure if you are planning to include snow, ice or lava (didn't find snow in Black gate, and Serpent Isle is far away), but if so, are you going to include the effects from SI and the counters (fur cloak to protect from cold, cooling spell to protect from extreme heat)?
Thread: Morrowind Enhanced

Replies: 5
Views: 1,058
22-08-2021 15:10 Forum: Ultima IX: Redemption

Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but what kind of .ini tweaks are we talking about?

Sweet to have a dedicated launcher, btw - feels more like a real game then :wink:
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