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Posted by Kultan on 12-10-2021 at16:40:

  Resistance is Futile

In some disturbing news Electronic Arts has bought BioWare and Pandemic. I fully expect these creative game makers to be absorbed into the EA assembly line and start churning out bland, buggy, rushed games soon enough (a la Origin and others). The cycle continues.

I was in Vancouver last year and walked by some major EA office complex downtown... didn't have any C-4 on me though, sorry.

Posted by -Direhaggis- on 12-10-2021 at19:55:


[taps secret bugging device to make sure the following is recorded]

But Kultan! We LOVE EA! Why, they have developed marvelously intricate, well-made franchises and occasional original games for the enjoyment of millions of consumers everywhere! And their willingness to allow non-competitive remakes of abandonware is both merciful and munificent of them.

Long live EA!

[jams secret bugging device]

Ye gods. If I start seeing Baldur's Gate + John Madden Football hybrids, I will now understand why.

Posted by Corv on 12-10-2021 at23:56:


Yeah the news was a big shock for me too, expecially now that they are working on the MAss Effec Trilogy (I can't express in words how much I am looking forward to it.

I already saw Bioware making a new Jade Empire every year. "Here comes Jade Empire 2008 and Baldur'S Gate 2009!". Or even worse: Their mmorpg is successful and they end up like Origin.

But then again EA obviously got better and Bioware even managed to get a long development time form Lucas Arts. And Lucas Arts was even worse than EA over the last few years (which many people seem to ignore). They rushed out Star Wars game after Star Wars game and the biggest victim was Knights of the Old Republic 2 by Obsidian. Those poor guys HAD TO finish it in only one year and so the really promising storyline became more and more rushed in the end.

Anyway, I truly believe that EA is better than it was a few years ago and that they will let Bioware do their magic.

Ray Muzyka, one of the Bioware founders also has high hopes:


"We are truly excited by John Riccitiello's new vision for EA," said Ray Muzyka, Co-founder and CEO of BioWare Corp. "This vision is consistent with BioWare's focus on crafting the highest quality story-driven games in the world. It will enable us to further the careers of the passionate, creative and hard working teams at BioWare Edmonton and BioWare Austin."

And we shouldn't forget: Back then Origin played a huge part in the downfall of the company (ther is a link to the article in here somewhere).

So I really try not to be too concerned, but only time will tell...

Posted by sslaxx on 13-10-2021 at20:02:

None too happy about this little piece of news, considering EA's pretty dire track record with studios and franchises. If Bioware can survive even for a little while, that'll be at least something.

I'm rather worried about Dragon Age, though...

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