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Posted by arturus on 08-10-2021 at06:39:

  Cleansing the Shrine

I've just cleansed the Magincia Shrine and the rune doesn't appear. How do I get it to appear or is it a bug.
I've applied the 1.19 fan patch.

Posted by Thepal on 08-10-2021 at08:00:


Ah, you may have ran into a bug I've heard about but never experienced. Try this: Look up. Is it floating in the air above you? I think sometimes the runes forget to fall at the end of the light show.

I think you need to use the fly cheat to get it. Hmm... or isn't there some wind spell? It has been a while since I played it... Gust! I think... That might work... If not, fly. Assuming it is up there of course.

*stops rambling*

Posted by arturus on 08-10-2021 at10:26:


Thanks Thepal.....there it was floating above my head.....I just put the hand icon on it and dragged it on to my belt Big Grin

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