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Posted by -Direhaggis- on 30-08-2021 at20:30:

  The breed of Smith the horse?

I have an ultra-picky question for the dragons and various other Ultima folk out there:

Does anyone know the specific horse breed of Smith the horse, i.e. Iolo's horse that gives clues that are one game too late? I could try looking through wikipedia for horses and guessing, but I figure I'd ask. Thanks!

Posted by Kultan on 31-08-2021 at17:39:


I don't know much about horse breeds, but I do remember there is precedence for Britannian horse breeds that comes from Ultima V. I looked it up and here is the dialogue:

Kraw the stable master (in the Castle):
"Yes, we have a good stable of thoroughbreds."

"Indeed, the finest. Why, we have not only the plough and mountain breeds, but even the purest breed of the High Steppes. We lack only the Valorian warhorse, that we still seek!"

Kurt the stable boy (in one of the three Britannys I think):
"We have some breeds."

"Well.... We have Ploughhorses, the Mountain breed, and those from the Steppes! Unfortunately, we don't have any Valorian purebreds, But they do over in the castle!"

Since Kraw says, "we lack only the Valorian warhorse" it seems safe to assume the three breeds he has plus the Valorians are all the breeds there are in Britannia.

Oh, and I doubt Smith is a Valorian warhorse... my money would be on plough horse.

Of course, one could argue that Smith isn't from Britannia. He is unique and I don't think there has ever been mention of his origins.

Posted by -Direhaggis- on 31-08-2021 at23:32:


Smith's not having keeled over dead long ago does suggest he arrived with Iolo and Gwenno, or somehow got to Britannia on his own. I'd have to hazard that RL Iolo may have had a horse at Ren. Faire or elsewhere named Smith.

That does give me a better idea, though. Thanks!

Posted by sslaxx on 09-09-2021 at13:23:


You know, I'd be amused at Smith's reaction to talk about what breed of horse he is...

Posted by Thanatloc on 14-09-2021 at10:00:


Originally posted by sslaxx
You know, I'd be amused at Smith's reaction to talk about what breed of horse he is...

I suppose he would say :

"And what breed of monkey are you ?"

Without really answering, of course.

Impertinent and proud 'stallion' he is... Wink

Talking of his personality, he could present himself for elections to be the next mayor of Britain... Big Grin ?

Well, I think he hasn't thought of it yet, but he might surely consider this kind of proposition

Posted by sslaxx on 14-09-2021 at13:01:


Mayor Smith? Imagine all that hay he'd want...

Posted by -Direhaggis- on 14-09-2021 at16:55:


@Thanatloc: Ha ha, yes, yes that is exactly what Smith would say.

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