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Posted by -Direhaggis- on 01-04-2022 at00:22:


Status Bars, Or the Updated Update

Update on the update: the status bars have not been changed in some time. Some of you have pointed this out. As Corv mentioned, we don't really take stock with such things because the process of deciding a percentile is so subjective. Based on my guestimate, story implementation, for instance, should be about 40% and total world dialogue at 60%; roughly 100,000 words or so. There's obviously been progress in the other areas as well, but those aren't my developmental niches and I can't speak to them. My very last final ever in grad school is fast approaching. After that, progress will begin anew on the main quest. We now return you to the regularly scheduled update.

The Main Plot

After 3 complete overhauls, 2 paradigm shifts, a writer cage match to the death with a partridge in a pear tree, and revisions both major, minor, and punctuation mark related, I can now say:

The main plot is approximately more than half way written and done.

There are about 30 chapters in total--some rather short, some rather not so much. I'm still vaguely shooting for 60-80 hours of gameplay if one goes straight through the game. Take that estimate with a grain of salt, though.

Chapters 1-8 have been fully implemented by our resident scripting demi-god, Zini, where Chapters 9-12 are being tinkered with and scripted right now.

Somehow I ended up writing the bigger chapters like 15, 19-20, 23 and 26 out of sequence. I guess that's just how I work sometimes.

Everything is going much quicker with the extensive (34 page) outline we all signed off on. Trouble is, grad school + new relationship + photo shows + being hungover occasionally on parts of weekends has slowed me down the last few months.

I know, you can't kill me or even whip me for insolence, but I do keep truckin' along.

3D Artists = Happy Days

Regarding stuff I know a lot less about, Spyder is one of our new 3D artist folk. He's been working with Zini on creating and implementing some of the boat/ship and skiff-related models.

We've also almost finished the now ludicrously cursed blacksmithing models and implements. I say cursed because every time a 3D person has worked on them, they suddenly disappear. We shall overcome.

In-Game Cutscene Artwork

Our main 2D artist, Inition, has also finished some digitally painted scenes being used in various cutscenes throughout the game. Having tried and vaguely succeeded in painting in Photoshop, I give him major props with the quality of work. I think you'll agree when the time comes.

Posted by HulkingUnicorn on 01-04-2022 at01:34:


Thanks for the update - sounds good!

As for the skating women: I suppose they're only wearing skirts? Big Grin

Posted by Fred-A. on 05-04-2022 at14:52:


Nice one Direhaggis it is good to hear that progress is continuing.
Regrettably, as you are in the good old U.S. of A., I suspect that the girls will be wearing a little more than very short skirts! I sincerely hope that the their T-Shirts are ultra tight and give you further inspiration to continue your work on Redemption!


Posted by The Traveller on 05-04-2022 at17:05:


I do remember that the blacksmith house in U7 made characters throw up Evil perhaps there is some relation. And congrats zini, you just became a demigod lol

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