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Posted by Corv on 13-01-2022 at13:34:

  site update and new music

I updated the status and team pages.

You can also find 4 new tunes in the media section (one of them, Lone Fox Village, was available in the insider section for quite some time already):

Lone Fox Village
Tall Shadows
Morning Sun
Character Creation (U6 remix)


Posted by HulkingUnicorn on 20-03-2022 at15:22:


Maybe update the FAQ page as well? It's said that Redemption might be released in 2006 - with some conviction, might I add Wink

When will Redemption be released?
Since we all have other jobs too and don't only work on the game like a "real" game studio, we can't exactly plan a release date yet. But we make a lot of progress constantly and I am quite sure that we will finish Redemption some time 2006

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