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Posted by Sowser on 26-11-2021 at09:04:


TY Ralph, good catch with yarning. However a limerick must rhyme exactly (though it’s permissible to use a Dr. Seussian word) and consist of one couplet and one triplet so “wench” wouldn’t have worked at all. And I DO consider dirty limericks nice! Limericks kick a haikus ass any day of the week when it comes to expressing the poetic art form. Besides, having their origin in 14th century England they fit snuggly in the Ultima world. Pleased

Posted by Ralph Dragon on 27-11-2021 at07:05:


Still, it's only 1 letter more that different, versus the other ones that were 1 letter different in rhyming. I prefer the rhyming of the sound of the word and the last letters, or even the very last letter only.

Personally, I prefer writing direct, descriptive, romantic poetry over limericks any day.

Posted by -Direhaggis- on 27-11-2021 at22:38:


Being that Hunter S. Thompson is my literary hero, I believe in vaguely beautiful metaphor punctuated by the blunt force trauma of depravity.

Thumbtack first, sledgehammer second. Lather, rinse, bludgeon.

Posted by Sowser on 06-12-2021 at20:48:


To the Avatar, Natassia said, “Tsk.
No Cove for you, as not a baby I’d risk
But step into the Shrine
Remove your clothes and mine
And I’ll suck on your Black Rock Obelisk!"

Posted by Sunigator on 09-12-2021 at00:31:


Originally posted by Sowser
I’ll suck on your Black Rock Obelisk!


Posted by Sowser on 27-12-2021 at20:28:


Sir Geoffrey’s stench does overwhelm
Because he likes to shit in his helm
Though his beard has gone grey
I can honestly say
He has the brownest hair in the realm!

Posted by Sowser on 15-06-2021 at23:42:


There once was Arcadion the Daemon
Who left all the beheaded heads screamin’
While the weak he ignored
When bound to the Black Sword
He'd happily give Lord British a reamin’!

Posted by Sowser on 22-06-2021 at23:36:


Dude, some of these are pretty funny but that last one was weak. If you're going to post another one think it through and don't be so sloppy next time.

Posted by Sowser on 13-08-2021 at08:45:

I watched Frigadizzi perform the Dance of Passion
With gyrating hips and her both boobies flashin’
She then cast “Est Nudi”
Thus revealing her booty
Which was promptly presented for lashin’!

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