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Posted by roman on 29-10-2021 at23:49:

  Ultima 6 under WinUAE???

I have installed WinUAE to play my favorite ultima 6 again, which is only
downloadable for amiga. I also installed a Konfiguration and a kickstart.rom
for WinUAE. When i press ok i come to the workbench. But u6 isnt booted.
I have the three adf`s declared as image-floppys. and only, if i put the disk2
in imagedrive 1, there is a picture "Welcome to u6 disk 2" but it isnt booted
also. Must i type in a command to boot u6 or what is wrong???

Thanks for help

Posted by Corv on 30-10-2021 at00:37:


I had Ultima 6 on my Amiga 500. (still have it incl. orig box etc). As far as I remeber you actually had to create another disc with the first disc, can't remember if it required you to do that by typing a command...

I could check that out, but first: why don't you play the PC (IBM) version? It's so much easier with DosBox and you will have better graphics.

Posted by roman on 30-10-2021 at10:32:


Hello Corv!
why don't you play the PC (IBM) version? It's so much easier with DosBox and you will have better graphics.

I will tell you. I have the complete "Ultima The second Trilogy" but it contains
the old 5,25 disks and it would be pretty much difficult to read them with
my floppydrives. :wink:
So I searched for ultima6 for PC as abandonware, but I only find the amiga-
version. The PC-version as i know now is still protected by the ESA. Frown
If this is wrong, then post me where i can get it, and i start it with dosbox
a few minutes later.

Back to my prob. I have three adf, that simulates three disks. The 3 "disks"
i put in 3 imagedrives via WinUAE and start with ok. I only get a doslike
window, where i can type commands, but i dont know the amigacommands.
So it is impossible for me to start the game or create a another disk with
the first one like you said.

If you can solve one of the probs(PC or amiga) i would be very gratefull.

Your fan roman

Posted by Corv on 30-10-2021 at10:38:


Well if you have the original Ultima 6 at home it is legal for you to have the files on your computer. If you just can't read the disks then it's no problem if you download it from somewhere else instead of trying to find an old disk drive - like I said - you HAVE the original after all.

I send you a PM.

Posted by roman on 30-10-2021 at10:56:


Thank you sooooo much. After all time spending yesterdav to play it again,
it will now finally be able to me to play my favorite again.
With the "things your other never told you about ultima6" from Doug the
EAGLE it will be a very enjoyable gameexperience for me.
It will remind me of so many situations i enjoyed with only 10 years.
I played it so often without getting the solution, because it was on english.
But finally i played it two times till the end after i learned english in school.
Before that i asked my great brother every time i found an interesting NPC
for translation. :wink:

I am deeeeeeply gratefull your fan roman

Posted by Corv on 30-10-2021 at12:00:


No problem Smile

You can get Dosbox here: http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/news.php?show_news=1

After you installed it copy Ultima 6 in a folder on your HD. I have all old Ultimas which need dosbox to run in a Ultima folder on my D: drive (for this example). then start dosbox with following command (the paths vary of course):

C:\Programme\DOSBox-0.63\dosbox.exe -c "mount c d:\ultima" -fullscreen

(you could make a bat file on your desktop)

Of course you can start it without the -fullscreen option if you don't want the 320x200 sceen all over your 21' monitor Wink

Dosbox starts with a z: drive. With this command you create a fake dos C: drive which leads you directly to d:\ultima If you have a Ultima6 folder in ther like I you would start Ultima 6 just like in old dos times. But start the install.exe once first:

cd ultima6

-answer the first question with H for Hard disc
- then press C for C:
- then 5 for VGA
- then Y for yes you have a mouse Wink
- then 1 for Adlib sound
- then D for the default adlib port 388
- then Y for yes all is correct
- and finally 2 for save current information (ou only want to save settings not erase the char - you can start over in the normal game menu)

after that you just start ultima 6 by typing ultima6 (enter) Wink

Oh, you should download the adlib patch first and copy it into your ultima6 folder (overwrite the old u6adlib.drv file)

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