my new Project:                     ULTIMA IX - REDEMPTION

my first Project:                    ULTIMATE RANGER MOD 2.0

News: There are new custom race add-ons in the download section (made by GhostNull)

The Ultimate Ranger Mod introduces the New Item Combination system. In the Ammunition section you can make shafts tips out of raw materials
like wood or glass. After you made that you can combine (with the new system) them and make 12 different arrows and bolts. With the Poison Mortar
you can make 3 different poisons out of ingredients. Those poisons can be used to poison all arrows and bolts and make them even more deadly.
You can now also chop wood to get logs to make shafts and tips out of it. Get the new wood axe to be most effective with chopping.
The General section of the Range Kit now allows you to:

(new features of version 2)
- build a tent wherever you want
- make quivers
- make bows
- prepare hide (tan it to make quivers and tents out of it make tan liquid with the poison mortar))
- make fletch out of racer plumes and chicken feathers for arrows and bolts

New bows are introduced when you increase your Ranger skill. You can make special Ranger versions of short bows, long bows, steel bows and
ebony bows which are much more powerful and look completely different, but you can also make 2 completely new devastating bows:
King bow and Hell bow! The new item combination system will allow you to do this without hundreds of messageboxes. Only a small main menu
and the rest is up to you. Put together what you like. 

You can find the Fletcher house just a bit south of Caldera. Have fun!!

 Screenshots (click on images to get a larger view):