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MAJOR NEWS: neues größeres team - The New King + Redemption

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 3:22 am    Post subject: MAJOR NEWS: neues größeres team - The New King + Redemption

(wird bald auf deutsch übersetzt)

I followed the awesome Ultima IX: Redemption project for a long time. But sadly the project seemed not to make much progress the last months. Fans began to notice that too and of course started to worry. SO I decided to get in contact with the team to find out what the real status of the project is. After a conversation with Vistaer Dragon it was clear that the loss of Avatus their former leader and after other problems like loss of files etc... the motivation of the Team began to fade. Alot of members feared that the project would have to be cancelled soon. So I made a proposal. I suggested that the Redemption Team and my Team Ultima should merge and that we together found a new Team that works on both projects! The Redemption team members seemed to be happy about this offer and so I started to talk to Chlorthos, the leader of the team at that time. We talked for hours and finally decided that the teams will merge and form the new team "Titans of Ether". We will develop Redemption and The New King together! This huge change even caused team members of Redemption who already left the Team to return! This page will be the new site for the Team and contain infos about both projects (the old Redemption sites will be closed soon)! The new site will be ready some time next week. The forum on this page is already changed and you can find infos about both projects there in the future! Fans of Redemption that suffered because of too few infos on their beloved project will hopefully be happy now with the new "public relation" plans that are based on what has been done for The New King already.

We are all very motivated and already reorganize things to get Redemption back on track again! First we will update the Redemption landscape that suffered from the loss of art files months ago. Make sure to read the developers diary section on our board to get more infos on that!

Leader of Titans of Ether

Here you also see the news from the Redemption page:

Major News. As some may have guessed, since the loss of our former project leader, Avatus, Ultima IX: Redemption has been having problems in a number of areas. The loss of data in a hard drive crash months ago, as well as the recent loss of Xodus was a significant blow to our already slowed momentum. A number of team members were fearing this project was lingering on the edge of being canceled, including myself.
However, later that day, I was contacted by someone who made a fairly interesting proposal. He and his team, who also are modding Morrowind for their project were interested in a collaboration. You may know him from the forums by his username Corv. He is the team leader for the project Ultima: The New King which was being designed as a sucessor to Ultima IX: Ascension.

After days of talks between our team and his, Chlorthos and himself, working out the details and the project in detail, this has been decided. Our two teams, Ultima IX: Redemption's as well as Ultima: The New King's will form together to work on BOTH Projects under the team name "Titans of Ether" led by Corv, while Chlorthos becomes the Lead Story Writer for Ultima IX: Redemption. Work is being shifted on both team's accounts to finishing Ultima IX: Redemption -first-.

Now, this is not to say no work is being done on The New King, because the New King will no longer be a successor to Ultima IX: Ascenion, but instead Ultima IX: Redemption. As such, the two maps will be very similar (likely only some fairly minor worldbuilding changes), the story of Ultima IX: Redemption will be reflected in The New King, and other aspects will be found in both games, such as many of systems like cooking, crafting, sailing, and so forth.

This has caused many of U9R's team members to get active once again, and even cause Xodus to return, so we have high hopes for the future! Our forums will be shifting to the ones located at Ultima: The New King's website so be sure to register for your message board accounts there as there will be regular Dev diaries and constant news info on the project there from now on. Work is now being done on the new website that will be home to our team and our projects, and we expect it to be up sometime before next weekend. At which time we shall post further news and details on this!
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